Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best frame?

Most people come in with a vague idea of the style and how fancy they imagine their mirror. When they examine our many samples of various widths and types, they can usually narrow down their choices and eliminate many of the styles. We have dozens of mirrors already made up in our store so you can see exactly how a completed mirror looks. Then you can look at the mirrors and handle the samples and begin to choose finishes, widths, and styles you think may go in your room. Then we frequently take a few mirrors, you are considering, to your home for you to see. We visit several homes every night doing this. There is no charge or obligation for this service. Customers asked if we could do this, and when we began doing it, we found it usually helps everyone out to see how things look in your home. We encourage everyone to take home corner samples to compare to cabinets, fixtures, walls, and furniture. We have thousands of samples in every finish.

How will things look in my home?

We have well over a hundred mirrors, for you to see, at our showroom-ready for installation. We have several books filled with many, many photos showing exactly how our mirrors looked in actual homes, at our showroom. Just a small sampling of these are on this website.

How do I choose the best size?

The best size is occasionally different than you think. To work with you on this, we bring several mirrors to your home to help you visualize how things will really look. This rarely changes the price of the mirror. If you bring in some measurements, we will help you design your space, or we can aid you with considered recommendations when we visit your home with sample mirrors.

How does Golden Mirror hang mirrors?

We deliver and hang almost all the mirrors we manufacture. We use special hardware developed for us. Depending on the size and weight, and exactly where you want the mirror, we choose the most appropriate hardware. At your home and in our store, we show you exactly how we recommend hanging things, before we start. We hang several hundred mirrors and paintings a year and emphasize safety and security first. Ask us about your situation. We do not use wire. There is no charge for installation.

What is the bevel on the mirror?

The bevel is an edge of the mirror, ground at an angle, that usually enhances the mirror. We have all our mirrors made to your dimensions here in San Jose. The mirror glass is custom cut to fit the frame. Then the fabricator grinds and polishes the edge with a large glass beveling machine to our specifications.

Why do you bevel the mirror and how wide is the bevel?

The beveled edge of the mirror sparkles and adds a completed, more beautiful look to the mirror. We think framed mirrors without a bevel look sometimes look unfinished. We order the width of the bevel in various widths corresponding to the size of the mirror. Most mirrors look best with a 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", or 1 1/2" width bevel. We will show you examples of each and make recommendations. The new beveling machines are so efficient that the enhanced look is well worth the very small added expense.

Should I pick a frame that matches the bathroom fixtures?

We encourage everyone to take home samples to try to make a match. However, many people find that the metallic leaf finishes on the frames sometimes don't match the metal fixtures exactly. Usually, they find a complementary finish on a frame style that also looks right with the room. The many sample mirrors and pictures help this process a lot.

What is the lead time?

One week after order is placed. Then we call you and ask about a convenient time, for you, for us to deliver and install it. We encourage you to watch us install it. This will make you feel comfortable about the safety and security of your mirror. It usually takes less than 10 minutes. No charge!

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